Your insurance to a safe Vault environment

Do you have full control over your Vault server?

Your company’s product information and engineering data needs to be in a safe and secured environment. Short periods of downtime can be costly, but the risk of data loss or longer periods of downtime can have a serious impact to the business where intellectual property generated over years could be lost.

Symetri’s ActiveEye collects data from your Vault server and creates reports that are send back to you. By a constant monitoring of your servers, the program detect irregularities or errors, and automatically sends you a notification. Your Vault solution is by this under surveillance 24/7.


ActiveEye works on all Autodesk Vault versions; Vault Basic, Vault Workgroup, Vault Professional.

ActiveEye has the following functionality and it monitors:

Checks and ensures you always have a valid backup from your Vault.

Why? Often the Windows Task Scheduler for some reason is disabled or switched off. This makes a critical situation where you do not have a valid backup, sometimes for months or years.

Checks that your server disks have sufficient free space.

Why? Sometimes your server performance are really bad. Even your backup routine will fail if the disk space are heading to zero.

Checks that the replication system is up and running. Provides full overview over irregularities in the replication for both full and file replication.

You want to be sure the replication are up and running, and also would like to see when replication occurs.

Vault server logs are monitored in order to show irregular growth of the logs.

Sometimes your system has failures that goes on continiously and fill the logs with same error messages for a long period of time.

Provide full overview over actual server memory use and also a great picture of the memory statistics

If performance slows down on your system, this is a great place to start the search of error. You will get exact timing on memory spikes.

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