Spine is a cloud platform and BIM software for efficient and secure data management in building and infrastructure projects, keeping everyone in the AEC industry in control, compliant, aligned, and informed at all times.

BIM software for data management in models and projects 

Spine is an easy-to-use, efficient and secure solution for data management of 3D-models and projects. A BIM platform and portal in the cloud, so data can always be accessed on-site, at your desktop or on the go.

If you want to achieve great success with BIM data, it must be structured correctly and equally in the project and in 3D models. You can easily do this by using a common standard. Mapping data in spine e.g. using classification, types and properties quickly enables a common data structure for the entire project team. In fact, you can completely avoid manual – and very time-consuming – alignment processes (e.g. by merging 3D models for collision and consistency testing and for as-built models).

Experience how Spine works

Benefits of Spine

  • Quick, easy classification of data using any standard, CCi, SfB, BIM7AA, CoClass, BIMStockholm, Uniclass, or another classification code. 
  • Manage data in one place - Spine portal is your central hub for BIM.
  • Optimized and streamlined workflows through the entire lifecycle.
  • Your project meets the digitisation standard required by the ICT agreement as well as your own.
  • Spine ensures better communication between all project participants.
Susanne Lund

Susanne Lund

Denmark Business advisor

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