The Helsinki West Metro project has required a lot of BIM of the various structures being built


Planning the second phase of the Helsinki West Metro project has required a lot of BIM of the various structures being built. Solibri Model Checker can integrate designs created on a variety of systems and ensures a uniform scheme.

West Metro is a huge project with a large number of contributors. It is in fact the largest tunnel project in Finland and it requires the use of demanding building technology and automation. The West Metro project has required numerous contracts, and it is essential that all construction details meet each other in the right way at the borders between various contract areas. The combined model Solibri creates supplies an easy way to immediately detect any possible irregularities visually. Another essential thing is avoiding clashes between HVAC and electrical systems and construction.

To ensure the precision of plans, the whole excavated tunnel and station caves are laser scanned. Five years ago it was very laborious to move the scanned model into the information model. Now it can be successfully done very easily. The combination model makes perceiving the total picture much clearer and lends certainty when engaged with different plans. It has become an essential tool, for example, in design meetings and workshops. Also, reporting through the model has become a working practice. Assembling the vital combined model has been easy and it is the perfect illustrative tool for modelling the entire project. Even a large model, such as required in this case, functions fast and intuitively in Solibri. It is thanks to these models that the schedule and expense of the project can be kept under control.


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