VR eliminated the need for multiple prototypes resulting in significant cost savings for Astheimer


ASTHEIMER is a world-class design studio that works with forward-thinking clients in a collaborative way to develop the products of the future.

It was evident straight away that a VR solution would provide a number of benefits to this world-leading design consultancy. Astheimer’s roots come from transportation design including cars, boats, planes and even trains. From there they have grown to serve numerous industries meaning that their designs can range from a mobile phone to a 55-meter yacht, but their process of development of the designs is the same, no matter the differences in real-life scale.

My advice would be to try VR out, you need to try these things first. You can then discover whether it is relevant to your workflow, whether it would improve your processes and how it could impact your business. It is only after you review VR within your business that you can distinguish how tangible it is. Being able to trial VR is a valuable part of what Symetri can offer and being able to do this allowed us to make a conclusive decision to invest in VR through Symetri.” Carsten Astheimer, Director of Astheimer


• To re-introduce scale and interactivity to product design
• To reduce costs on projects
• To save time on projects
• To transfer the cost and time saving to their clients


The delivery of presentation-ready product files for VR within their design presentations. Purchased VRED Presenter and VIVE headset to enable the activae use of VR when presenting designs to clients.


• Reviewing designs in scale in real-time
• Eliminated the requirement for expensive prototypes
• Enable the client to review the design at more stages in the process
• Symetri’s VR, presentation and product design skills
• The transparency of costs and budgets between Symetri and Astheimer
• The ongoing support from the Symetri team


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