Revit specialist - Dynamo basics with Revit | English

This course is aimed for Revit specialists who want to learn on how to program visually by using Dynamo in Revit. You will learn to program the timesaving and project-adapted. functions for form creation, objects, and information management in Revit. We will begin with Dynamo basics and continue with more advanced features.

Course content for Revit specialist - Dynamo basics

  • Learn to take the first steps in Dynamo
  • Create simple geometry, e.g., points, lines and more
  • Learn how to handle the lists in Dynamo  
  • Create solids and surfaces
  • Connect Dynamo geometry & Revit
  • Create Revit elements such as walls, floors, columns, and families
  • Manage information in Revit - read from and write to parameters
  • Sort, group, and filter information
  • Use Dynamo for Model Management and make Dynamo to accelerate your project with management and smart functions

Benefits of Dynamo Training

Understand new ways to approach complex design problems
Program using visual programming
Learn practical uses of Dynamo
Immediately use Dynamo in your everyday workflows

Expected outcome

After completing the course, you will have gained and broadened your knowledge of the basic working methods in Dynamo and how you can work to achieve a better, safer, and more efficient use of Revit.

After completing the course, you can log in to your Autodesk account and download a personal diploma.

Expected outcome


Kommende kursusdatoer

København S - 1 dag
Kursusansvarlig Jeanett Brosch
22.april 2024 09:00 - 15:30
Pris 4.100 kr.

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Kurset er nu booket.

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