Revit Collaboration

In this course you will learn how you and your colleagues can successfully collaborate on a Revit project. Revit has great collaborative capabilities which allows for seamless teamworking possibilities. By participating in this Revit Collaboration course, you will learn how to set up, administer and link, multi-disciplinary models together, in a collaborative "workshared" environment.

Course content in Revit Collaboration:

  • Learn how to link discipline models
  • Manipulate views through linked files
  • Experience the essential tools and their uses
  • Learn "best practices" for worksharing
  • Create worksets for model subdivision and control of links
  • Learn how to synchronise your work on local files with central file
  • Work with ownership and borrowing of objects and worksets
  • Learn how to copy object from linked files
  • Get introduce to Revit´s coordinate systems
  • Use extraction of coordinates from land survey data
  • Work with shared coordinate system
  • Learn how to publish workshared models - best practices


Benefits of participating on the Revit Collaboration course

Optimise project coordination
Improve team collaboration and organization
Increase productivity in team-based environments
Minimise the risk of costly mistakes due to poor multidisciplinary collaboration

Expected outcome

After completing this course, you will have gained knowledge of how Revit workshared projects are created, shared, administered and published. You will experience firsthand how to logically subdivide and coordinate multi discipline projects within a team.

After the course you will receive an official Autodesk Certificate.

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Expected outcome


Gordon McGlathery

Gordon McGlathery

United Kingdom Training Solutions Consultant

Kommende kursusdatoer

København S - 1 dag
Kursusansvarlig Jeanett Brøsch
12.december 2022 09:00 - 15:30
Pris 3.900 kr.

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Kurset er nu booket.

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