Revit Architecture beyond the basics

By participating in this Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics course, you will gain a deeper understanding of Revit Architecture and BIM (Building Information Modelling). We will explore in depth, the various architectural tools and learn how to model a building - from the first sketches to the finished documentation drawings. You will experience how to use the information contained within the intelligent 3D model throughout the project's lifecycle.

Course content for Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics:

  • Familiarization of the tools within Revit Architecture
  • Understand the importance of templates at the start of a project
  • Learn how to adjust existing Revit families and work with types
  • Add building components (Families)
  • Learn how to model in 3D using walls, windows, doors, roof, floors and stairs etc.
  • Learn how to create plans, sections, elevations, 3D views, exploded 3D and 2D details
  • Create rooms, room schedules and area calculations
  • Learn how to setup drawings and print
  • Learn how to extract information from data in the model
  • Learn how to create and edit materials

Benefits of participating on the Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics course

Become accustomed to the basic functionality and workflows in Revit Architecture
Gain a deeper understanding of how Revit Architecture is used as a BIM tool
Experience how to create, edit and manage drawings
Become capable of setting up and designing your own architectural projects

Expected outcome

After completing this course, you will be capable of modelling simple but intelligent building models using Revit Architecture. You will also have learned to use and modify basic building components such as: walls, windows, doors, roofs and floors.

After the course you will receive an official Autodesk Certificate.

Expected outcome


Kommende kursusdatoer

København S - 2 dage
Kursusansvarlig Jeanett Brosch
25.juni 2024 09:00 - 15:30
26.juni 2024 09:00 - 15:30
Pris 7.495 kr.

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Kurset er nu booket.

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