SWECO Norway saves time with Naviate Structure


When planning the expansion of a sewage system, in Flesland, Flesland, the company SWECO in Bergen, Norway, experienced how investing in a tool for automation of working routines can results in ROI in several of their BIM projects.

SWECO is market leading in Norway with 30 offices in the country. In their work with projects, they focus on the development of society as well as the quality of life of the citizens.

On the way to a final construction project, where nature is part of the constructions, you need to be innovative in order to succeed. In the case of the sewage expansion project in Flesland, there were many technical issues, which needed attention. One of them was the need for lighting and technical equipment bolted in the ceiling of the tunnel and the detailed information of the coordinates for these 6000 bolts.

“It takes a lot of drive and willingness to spend time developing new custom-made solutions and not all resellers work as professionally as our consultants at Symetri. I have worked with Symetri all through my career and I know what they stand for.” Yngve Sælen, BIM Manager, SWECO.


Finding a solution for bolting light and other technical equipment to the ceiling in a tunnel, giving detailed information on the coordinates for all 4000 bolts.


  • New function in Naviate Structure for Revit gives an automatic overview of all coordinates for 4000 bolts.
  • Implementatioin of data between partners in BIM projects.
  • Close dialogue between Symetri and SWECO.


  • Control on all 4000 bolts with coordinates – an essential improvement of methodology.
  • Automation; manual simulation for every bolt, would have meant 3 weeks manual work for the entire project team.
  • The new function in Naviate gives full control through the early stages of the project planning.
  • Automation of project data; Excel files are now generated and shared automatically to the respective systems of the partners in the project.


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