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We are always interested in talented and dedicated individuals who can strengthen our business at Symetri. Read on to find out more about us and see our vacancies.

Why choose Symetri?

As a trusted partner for our customers, we constantly seek to challenge people to work smarter for a better future. With our expertise, leading-edge technology & services we always strive to enable our customers to gain an increased competitive advantage.

We are an international, multicultural company, with many different teams, projects and personalities across Northern Europe. We strive for a flexible and dynamic working environment with room to grow and change.

We recognise the need for new perspectives and ideas to further our business and stay ahead of the game and always welcome passionate people. See our vacancies below, or send an open application.

The values that we live by


We are proud of what we do and believe in our ability to make a difference. We always walk the extra mile and we have fun together.


We are transparent and support each other, celebrate team success, take responsibility and treat all people with respect and honesty.


We have the courage to make a difference, are innovative, take initiatives and dare to act. We are courageous but never arrogant or ignorant of risks.


We welcome change, are open minded and flexible. When we identify a problem we take action and we all take responsibility to make changes successful.

Current vacancies

Vacancies Sweden

NET utecklare till vår Symetri Technology Unit
Vi utökar vår Symetri Technology Unit och söker nu utvecklare till vårt Common Service-team med placering i Stockholm. 

Vacancies Norway

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Vacancies Denmark

No vacancies? We're always looking for new talent!
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Vacancies United Kingdom

No vacancies? We're always looking for new talent!
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Vacancies Finland

Haluatko kehittyä Suomen johtavaksi tietomalli- ja Revit-osaajaksi?
Haemme uutta konsulttia arkkitehti- ja rakennesuunnittelutiimiin Vantaalle, jolla on rakennusalan koulutus (AMK / DI / ARK) ja käytännössä hankittua osaamista tietomallihankkeista.

Our promise to you

It is important to us that our employees have the conditions to live a balanced life, the possibilities to be creative at work and the opportunities to grow. As your employer we always work to provide you with an environment that suits your interests and needs. 

Health & wellbeing

We actively work to provide a socially, psychically and psychologically healthy workplace. 


Trust goes both ways. We always strive to communicate transparently with our employees.


We share our successes and celebrate together.


People constantly evolve, and so should your role with us. We offer a flexible working environment as well as flexible vacation and working hours, depending on position. 


We always encourage competence development and work to make sure that our employees have a working environment in which they can grow professionally as well as personally. 

Our guiding star

We challenge each other as well as our customers to work smarter for a better future. 

The work we do

Learn about the work we do in our customer cases.

Västerås Stad

Loxia Group is a complete infrastructure partner that offers expertise within the entire chain; design, environment, geotechnics and project management.

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Naviate streamlines our BIM projects

When a train passes a train station at 250 kilometres per hour, the air pressure on the waiting passengers is likely to be unpleasant. However, at the new Holmestrand train station outside Oslo, this will not be the case.

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The time of paper copies out in the field has passed

Thanks to BIM 360 Field, the whole building site is being digitised and not just the drawing and the model. All the work that so far has been done around the computer screen in the ‘building shed’ is now being moved out to the building site.

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Ripellino ensures growth with BIM

When the architectural firm Alessandro Ripellino decided to take the step to BIM planning, in order to meet changing purchaser requirements, it was important to have a user-friendly platform and to be able to deliver high-quality projects in a short time.

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The architect company A-lab solved a complex construction with BIM

Advanced BIM modeling made it possible to construct a 65.000/117.000 m2 commercial building complex, the Statoil building at Fornebu, Norway, in only 20 months on site.

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Lars Vrennhage
Lars Vrennhage
Human Resources