About Symetri

We challenge people to work smarter for a better future

Symetri helps innovative companies in the construction and manufacturing industry to optimize their working methods and increase the quality of their projects.

With more than 450 employees and 150,000 daily users in northern Europe, Symetri can offer effective guidance in everything from 3D modelling and simulation to PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), BIM (Building Information Modelling) and how to maximize the potential of your projects.

Many of our solutions are based on the principles behind Lean with benefits such as lower development and production costs, reduced material use and shorter lead times, not to mention greater scope for creativity and better end results.

Symetri is part of Addnode Group.

Our Values

As a trusted partner for our customers, we constantly seek to challenge people to work smarter for a better future. With our expertise, leading-edge technology & services we always strive to enable our customers to gain an increased competitive advantage.

We continuously challenge ourselves and our customers to work smarter and we are proud of the values that we live by.



  • We are proud of what we do
  • We strongly believe in our ability to make a difference
  • We are always committed to walking the extra mile
  • We like to have fun together


  • We have the courage to make a difference
  • We challenge ourselves and our customers to work smarter
  • We are innovative, taking initiatives and daring to act
  • We are courageous but never arrogant or ignorant of risks


  • We are transparent and support each other
  • We are committed and take responsibility
  • We celebrate team success and recognize good work
  • We discuss, we decide, and we are loyal to the decision
  • We welcome and embrace new colleagues,
    and help them become productive quickly
  • We treat all people with respect and honesty


  • We welcome changes if they add value to the business
  • We are open-minded and flexible
  • When I identify a problem I will take action
  • We all take responsibility to make changes successful

Our History

During the years we have gradually developed from an expert in CAD software to a strategic business partner supporting our clients at every stage of the product or building life cycle. Although still an integral part of our business, today, CAD is just one of the many components we offer.

  • 2020 Excitech joins Symetri
  • 2019 Acquisition of Majenta UK Autodesk business
  • 2019 Special Project team moves to our sister company Symetri Collaboration.
  • 2019 Symetri Efficient Facility team moves to our sister company Service Works Global
  • 2018 GIS team moves to our sister company Sokigo
  • 2018 Cadassist & D2M3 joins Symetri
  • 2018 Mcad joins Symetri
  • 2016 Symetri Cad-Q Group changes name to Symetri
  • 2016 Jens Kollserud becomes CEO in Symetri Cad-Q Group
  • 2014 Acquisition of Symetri (UK)
  • 2013 Acquisition of Basepoint Oy (Finland)
  • 2013 Acquisition of CAD-Expert Oy (Finland)
  • 2012 Acquisition of Cad-Teknikk (Norway)
  • 2011 Acquisition of CDLight (Denmark)
  • 2011 Acquisition of SOVELIA (Finland)
  • 2011 Acquisition of Geosol (Sweden)
  • 2010 Acquisition of CADi (Finland)
  • 2010 Acquisition of Fæster SCI (Denmark)
  • 2010 Acquisition of Athena BSD (Denmark)
  • 2008 Acquisition of IT Energy (Norway)
  • 2008 Acquisition of Sikroma (Sweden)
  • 2005 Addnode AB buys 100% of Cad-Q
  • 2003 Rolf Kjærnsli becomes CEO in Sweden and Norway
  • 2001 Acquisition of Graphic Interface (Sweden)
  • 2001 Acquisition of Nestor Nord (Norway)
  • 2000 Acquisition of Cadpoint. Cad-Q Norge is founded
  • 1989 Cad-Q is founded in Borlänge, Sweden


Jens Kollserud

Jens Kollserud

Trude Berg

Trude Berg