Naviate Electrical

Accelerate project documentation and optimise working methods with built-in standards for electrical engineers to enhance your BIM workflow.

Naviate save time

Save time...

with the CAD tracker that gives you an overview of all linked and imported CAD files in the project with one click


Naviate increase control

Increase control of your data...

with toe possibility to deliver high-quality IFC models

Naviate optimise workflows

Optimise workflows...

with the Dialux link that helps you exchange data between Revit and Dialux


Customised for electrical engineers

Revit with Naviate Electrical allows you to work collaborative and optimised in a building information modelling (BIM) environment. Naviate Electrical is fully integrated into the Revit user interface. Essentially you can fully exploit and build upon the familiar working methods employed within Revit. This enables you to become proficient and more effective within Naviate Electrical faster.


All local basic settings have already been incorporated into templates that allow you to get started quickly with new projects. Naviate Electrical has a large number of objects (Revit families) with symbols according to Nordic standards that make documentation easier and more efficient. Even though symbolic representations are 2D, every symbol has an attached 3D object containing the necessary technical data. This means that electrical designs, can be created simultaneously in both 3D and 2D, a big advantage when satisfying increasing demands and mandates for BIM delivery.

Full support for collaboration

Naviate Electrical fully supports the overall vision and collaboration opportunities offered by BIM. This also applies to how functions and symbols in the module interact as for communication with other Naviate modules and interaction with other disciplines in a project.


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  • Numbering
  • Step
  • Cable data
  • Cable collection



  • Family browser
  • Filter elements
  • Colour elements
  • CAD tracker



  • Excel import and export
  • BCF manager
  • IFC settings
  • Transfer settings



  • Update project
  • Sheet manager
  • Publish


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