Basic CCI Construction Classification Internationa

The CCI (Co-class International) classification system offers many advantages when used in your project. In this 2-hour introduction to CCI you will quickly learn how to use the standard classification system CCI in your projects and effectively transfer data.

Course content for Basic CCI (Co-class International)

In this virtual training you will learn about classification with both theory and practical exercises from Nicolai Karved, an expert and specialist in classifications systems. You will gain a better understanding of standard data structure and how to add a data structure easily in your project. We teach about CCI and other properties information that is required in your project.

  • Why are classification, types, and instances important?
  • What is the difference between class, types, and instances?
  • What are the legal requirements for classification systems?
  • Why use classification standards in construction - national and international?
  • Why are standards important, what they are used for and where should they be implemented?

Benefits of participating in the Basic CCI (Co-class International) virtual course

Understand CCI classification
Understand the benefits of standardising with CCI
Learn how to use CCI in your project
Learn how to navigate in the CCI system

Expected outcome

After completing this course, you will fully understand why and how. You will also have learned how to implement CCI in your project. You will be able to use CCI going forward in your project, and fully understand the requirement for CCI.

Expected outcome


Nicolai Karved

Nicolai Karved

Product Management Consultant, Symetri Tech

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