Navisworks Essentials (ENG)

This course introduces you to basic BIM. You learn to handle complex models that are built of discipline models of different formats in the Navisworks environment. After the course you will have an understanding of the BIM process and master Navisworks basic functions; interfaces and working methods to create different types of controls, visualizations and compilations.

Course content:

  • BIM and BIM Coordination
  • Introduction to Navisworks
  • Create Coordination Models
  • Explore the Model
  • Navigation and Graphics Settings
  • Visibilty ,Selection and Sectioning
  • Sort, Group and Create Graphical Profiles
  • Transform Items and Models
  • Review and Communicate Issues
  • Add Properties/ Append Data
  • Animation & Rendering
  • Ouput
  • Compare Models
  • Clash Detective
  • Add-ins
  • Resources

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Open and append 3D files of different formats and save them in a Naviswork format
  • Create links to external scheduling files and object properties in external databasefiles
  • Performs visual project model reviews using the built-in review and reporting tools.
  • Create construction simulations of a project model to check validity of construction schedules
  • Use Animator and scripter to create interactive animations for presentations and demonstrations
  • Add materials. lighting and backgrounds to project models to create presentation imagery
  • Perform interference detection tests between 3D files of different disciplines to check the integrity of the design.

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