From Zero to BIM Hero (ENG)

In just five days, we will immerse you in a dynamic, enjoyable, learning experience to help you achieve new professional BIM competencies with Autodesk Revit software. The following module is included in this course offer: 2 days Revit Essentiel, Basic, 2 days Concept Design in early stages, Advanced & 1 day Revit Collaboration and BIM, Advanced.

Autodesk Revit Essentials - 2 days, Basic

  • Introduction to BIM and Autodesk Revit
  • Creating and annotating Construction Documents
  • Setting Up Grids and Levels
  • Revit Modelling Techniques
  • Developing Your Model
  • Editing in Revit
  • Working with Roofs
  • Vertical circulation
  • Modelling Ceilings
  • Adding Components
  • Tags & schedules
  • Creating Details

Autodesk Revit - Concept Design in early stages- 2 days, Advanced

  • Starting Your Revit Project
  • Space Planning and Area Analysis
  • Concept Model to Real Building
  • Solar and Shadow Analysis
  • Energy Modelling and Analysis
  • "3D site" Modelling
  • Massing Studies
  • Working withVviews
  • Design Options

Revit Collaboration and BIM- 1 day, Advanced

  • Working with CAD Files
  • Collaboration and Coordination
  • Internal Collaboration
  • Linking Models and External Collaboration
  • Autodesk 360 Collaboration for Revit

Course objectives: 
After completing this course, you will be able to: Use Revit to develop a project from scratch and understand the BIM workflow, from site design to massing studies. Link a Revit model into another Revit model, coordinate information between linked models, work with files created in other CAD programs, subdivide a Revit project into logical components, synchronise a local and central file, and use specific methods to improve the way you collaborate on a project.

After completing the course you can log-in to your Autodesk student account and download a personal certificate. 

Kommende kursusdatoer

okt 24
København S - 5 dage
Pris kr. 13.500
Dato 24.oktober 2019 09:00 - 25.oktober 2019 16:00
28.oktober 2019 09:00 - 30.oktober 2019 16:00

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Kurset er nu booket.

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